Richmondtown Preparatory School
Staten Island

The school is not accepting new students at this time.  For transcripts and employer verification, or any other school related information please call (718) 448-1905 for further assistance.

The Richmondtown Prep: A small school that makes a big differance.

For nearly 45 years, we have offered one of the best educational opportunities on Staten Island – a learning environment that is unique in achieving not only academic success for your child but also success in self-esteem, discipline, and goals. Our tuition is the lowest of any independent school on Staten Island, making this an affordable as well as an excellent alternative to a public school education.

Because our class sizes are small we are able to give your child the attention he or she requires in order to have a successful high school experience.  We can individualize our instruction to the needs of our students, a luxury that is not possible in a large public school classroom.  Accredited by NYS Education Department since 1968, we offer both regent and non-regent curriculum enabling us to offer more class time to really ‘dig in’ to course content, extend class discussions, and offer more participation in a seminar type atmosphere.  This provides a more experiential, active learning process.  Not only does this facilitate your child’s learning, but it prepares each adolescent to be a successful independent student, confident and well prepared for post-high school education.

Who are our students?


There are many reasons why a large public school environment is not the ‘right fit’ for a particular adolescent. Some students are overwhelmed by the pace and density of a large, unmodified educational program.  These students respond to our smaller classes and more relaxed pace (while we are still maintaining a rigorous college prep curriculum). Not every student is a ‘good fit’ for a large public school environment.  At Richmondtown Prep you will find students who were ‘underachievers’ in their old schools; students who are capable but not able to reach their potential because of large class size and insufficient support. These students blossom as they are provided the academic attention and skills support they need in order to do well. You may also find students here who were overwhelmed by the social challenges that are part of a big city school. These students thrive in our small, nurturing community where every child develops the confidence to raise his or her hand in class and contribute to lively discussions among friends.

Some students need a little extra support as they negotiate the demanding process of transitioning from high school to college.  These students will benefit from our ‘hands on’ approach to learning and the dedication of our gifted teachers who can devote extra time to stop and explain a new math concept, or help draft a college essay.  It is this aspect of our program of which we are the proudest:  the close relationships that develop between teacher and student that are possible only in a small school.  The attention and mentoring that we provide are critical for building the self-esteem and confidence that enables our students to be successful in their post-high school endeavors.

We know that your child will be successful here!


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